The FUTRE project is co-financed by
European Commission Directorate
General for Research & Innovation
as part of the 7th Framework Programme

WP 4 Long-term perspective on the global supply-side

In contrast to WP3, in this WP 4 the focus is explicitly on the supply side of the transport system, on emerging or anticipated technical and organisational innovations and their potential impacts on competitiveness of the European transport sector. In a first step this work package focuses on relevant upcoming transport-related products, service and infrastructure innovations until 2030 and beyond on a global scale. Further, possible constraints and barriers are analysed (in particular the problem of scarce resources), since these are of utmost importance for the development of technologies and their potential impacts. The assessment of the impacts of innovations that are not on the market yet is faced with many uncertainties that require an adequate methodological approach. Therefore, an expert assessment is applied which is inspired by the Delphi-Method.