The FUTRE project is co-financed by
European Commission Directorate
General for Research & Innovation
as part of the 7th Framework Programme

Overall Strategy

FUTRE is planned along 24 months duration. The project is structured into 7 work packages with associated tasks and with clearly identified milestones and outcomes (deliverable, reports, workshops, etc.). Each Work Package is led by experts in the respective knowledge field and assisted by other participants with expertise in the other areas. In order to achieve FUTRE objectives different research perspectives will be used and integrated in different work packages by means of a variety of mechanisms. These mechanisms involve:

  • review of existing research by applying the FUTRE concepts and criteria;
  • establishing an advisory board for the systematic involvement of experts for the different modes of transport, in particular experts from the transport related technology platform will be involved;
  • the broad scope of the project makes further involvement of experts from different fields necessary, which will be done in the form of workshops and interviews;
  • Qualitative as well as quantitative scenario building will allow for an integrated perspective and for check of plausibility and consistency in relation to the assumptions on future developments.

FUTRE will also pursue close cooperation with RACE2050 Project. FUTRE and RACE2050, address the same topic TPT.2012.1-3. Prospects for transport evolution: challenges for the competitiveness of the European transport sector in the long term. A good collaboration between the two projects is essential for maximising the expected impact; therefore close coordination will be sought and implemented. A detailed plan including common actions such as exchange of information, joint events, membership in advisory groups etc. will be elaborated at the start of the projects.

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